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Product Name: Slingly (Commercify 2.0)

Product Creator: Ricky Mataka

Price: $1297 Lifetime Access (or $497 x3 payments)

Launch Date: 1st May, 2017

Bonus: Absolutely! Grab It Now!

The Verdict: 100% Recommended

Reviewed By: Muhammad Talha

(#1 Video) Slingly Demo

Slingly Review

The time has arrived to boost your business and take it to the next level. When it comes to marketing, you’ve to play smarter.

In this Slingly Review, I will show you exactly what the product is and how it can help grow your eCommerce business.

Gone are the days when the so-called “gurus” present a product that does nothing but squeeze your hard-earned money.

Ricky Mataka, a guy with years of experience added yet another fabulous “done-for-you” weapon in his arsenal that is going to thrill you to the bits.

I am just here to separate the sheep from the goats. The 3 important modules covered in this Commercify 2.0 Review are:

  1. Ricky Mataka Introduction – from his previous products to his team partner Nishant Bhardwaj, I’ll talk about it in here.
  2. What is Commercify 2.0- an in-depth look of this powerful weapon that Ricky has produced including its features & benefits.
  3. Ultimate Game Changer – in this module, I have discussed why Slingly (Commercify 2.0) is the ultimate game changer with SOLID facts & proofs.With that being said, let’s begin.




Module 1

Ricky Mataka, the Ninja PHP & Trend Marketer



Ricky Mataka is deep-rooted in the world of Internet marketing where he has mastered the art of selling. A skilled programmer that writes applications, which produces big money for businesses.

With over 17 years of experience in Software Development & Automation, he has launched over 15 products in industries like traffic generation, WordPress tools and eCommerce.

He recently gave support to a huge launch that made millions of dollars in sales. Ricky’s previous product was Shoplicate that was a unique eCommerce spy product for complete newbies.

Nishant Bhardwaj, Million Dollar Facebook Marketer


Ricky has teamed up with Nishant Bhardwaj who excels in Facebook Marketing and is a Top Seller. Nishant has constructed an excellent system by using his years of experience and best industry tools.

He has developed an amazing opportunity for you to skyrocket your business, by minimizing the marketing tasks so you can focus on the things that matter: the results.

Ricky & Nishant has been working on Commercify for over 2 years spending over 6-figures per month to provide an exceptional product, so these guys know what they’re doing. Plus, they have had tremendous successes in their industries.

Why are they even doing this? What is the purpose behind this all? Let’s see it from their eyes:

Change the lives of over 5,000 students that follow us
to success as we lay it out all in the open – step by step!



Module 2

Everything  You Need to Know About Commercify 2.0

Slingly Review


Before I start digging deeper into Commercify 2.0, I will share some interesting facts about the eCommerce industry which I believe you have not heard before.

I have also packed some interesting facts about Shopify (the eCommerce platform on which Commercify 2.0 is based). So, without further ado, let’s get it started.

eCommerce Industry Facts

  • In UK, more than 21 percent of retail sales take place online.
  • 68 percent of people from Canada and UK do online shopping outside of their home country.
  • Online discount and promotional views are given attention by 62 percent of U.S. women.
  • Desktop, mobile, tablet and other online devices have been used by 40 percent of Internet population (1,329,306,526 users/1B+) to buy goods online.
  • The largest eCommerce markets are from China, United States, UK, Japan and Germany.

Shopify Facts

  • Before becoming the most popular eCommerce platform, Shopify was itself an online store with no vision of pushing into this industry.
  • As an online store, it used to sell snowboards. And the store was called Snowdevil. When Shopify turned into an eCommerce platform, initially the name was Jared Pixel.
  • Tobias Lütke, the company’s founder was a passionate programmer. At 11, he started rewriting codes to develop his own games.

As we are now done with the facts, let’s talk about the important features & benefits of Commercify 2.0 and how it will skyrocket your business.

It is going to be a membership site where you will get access to tons of amazing features and top-notch training by the Super Affiliates that I mentioned above.

Ricky has decided to give you Lifetime Access to his powerful harpoon for as low as $1297 (or $497 x3). That makes Slingly (Commercify 2.0) a complete no-brainer for the features it holds within.

This is some of the cool features which you will get by investing in Slingly (Commercify 2.0). It is an investment which you are making in YOURSELF.

(#2 Video) Commercify 2.0 Look

Features & Benefits



Countless proven physical products, awesome t-shirt designs and various other assets that can be promoted across hundreds of niches. This is what makes Commercify 2.0 an absolutely brilliant product for eCommerce.



In my personal opinion, this feature is the BACKBONE of this entire product. Facebook Ads Targeting Data can either make or break your game, but you’ve everything packed in one place. Honestly, all you have to do is to just copy and paste in your ads. Profit will be very hard for your pockets.



A picture says a thousand words. But a high quality picture converts people! Slingly has stored a collection of highly professional, well-designed images for you to use that will convert insanely! You can place them both on your ads and online stores.


fullfill Another mind-blowing feature that Slingly is equipped with is the 100% Automated Fulfillment so you can be absolutely worry-free from ordering any inventory ever. This is indeed a painkiller.


You will also receive:

1click Looking for products that are in high demand? Then look no further! Slingly’s Proprietary 1 Click Shopify Catalog System does the hard work for you. All you have to do is to make one click and the products directly move to your Shopify store. Awesome, right?


trending Slingly’s concrete feature is the Trending Modules which will allow you to pick out the best sellers and hot products available in the marketplace. You can easily separate the good from the bad by applying this handy feature.


This Brought Over $5 Million in Sales:



Who doesn’t love ready-made templates? Especially when it comes to Copy Templates where you will literally have to place few words and boom! Slingly (Commercify 2.0) has awesome templates ready for you that are PROVEN to convert. Not only that but you’ll also be provisioned with awe-inspiring Facebook Ad Design.


Last But Not Least:

immersion Something missing? You smelled it right! These Marketing Pros of Slingly (Commercify 2.0) is going to provide you phenomenal Immersion Training which you will not find elsewhere! They know what they’re doing because they spend over 6 figures a month on ads! You’re in good company.


Module 3

Why Slingly (Commercify 2.0) is Going to be the Ultimate Game Changer

game changer


There has to have a solid reason why this product by Ricky Mataka is going to be a complete game-changer. Am I going to predict the future? No, not at all.

I have just collected simple facts in this Slingly Review that any logical human being on this planet can conclude the power of this product by using them. Let me show you:

  • Massive Advertising Budget – Ricky has gone beyond the limits. He has spent over $1.4+ Million Dollars in the last 12 months. He relentlessly spent over $100K a month in Facebook Adspend.
  • Successful Products – Taking a short look behind, Ricky has served the people with awesome products that sold like wild fire in many different industries. So, Slingly is going to continue this flow.
  • Endless Testimonials & Results – students from all across the world have submitted dozens and dozens of results, proofs and testimonials. Ricky is revolutionizing the lives of people and following his primary goal.
  • Ricky Mataka is a Bank – flooded with millions of dollars in online sales, he continues producing revolutionary products.
  • Years of Experience – over 17+ years of experience in Software Development & Automation, you can be confident about Slingly’s functionality.


What People are Saying About Ricky Mataka



Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of this page 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading my Slingly Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for your time & Good luck with the product.


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